Good Morning, Jude.

Have you ever tried to build something with a baby? As in actually construct a building or some type of structure with an infant child? It’s among the most tedious and painful things I’ve ever experienced. Between the lack of common geometry knowledge, and the total absence of an understanding of gravity, an infant is probably among one of the poorer choices of a companion to build that little block fort.  Yet, we all still seem to gravitate towards building structures and creations with the little tyke when the time comes, truly bringing into question the state of the world. Continue reading Good Morning, Jude.


The Sign.

I saw the sign….

and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.


For those of you that think I am on a profound, deep, intensely intellectual thought trip, you are wrong, that only happens when I’m trying to figure out how to hard-boil eggs. Im honestly just listening to Ace of Bass. (

Ace of Bass, The sign.

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How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship.

Long distance, It really isn’t all that fun. But it certainly isn’t the worst thing to ever happen to a relationship. I mean, isn’t sending toneless texts, and watching couples interact all around you the best thing ever? (The answer is no).

Long distance is hard. I would know. I have been blessed with an incredible woman in my life, Taylor, my girlfriend, currently goes to school in California. Myself, I go to school in Calgary. Not only are these places pretty far apart, they are also different in time zones, and ridiculously different in climate. The differences have always been a challenge, but with every challenge in life, strategy and commitment overcome all. So here are some of the tips and tricks we have learnt along the way.

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Love Within Time Frames

The thing about time is that you spend it. Literally. It’s like you are given 24 dollars a day, and you get to choose to spend it on whatever you like. The word spend means to use your time, effort, or energy to do something. What we choose to spend our time on is what we place our value in. Continue reading Love Within Time Frames

the everyday spent with everyone.